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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Best Ball Sport Science Book: Sampler Edition!

The best book of ball sport science has now arrived from Schottenbauer Publishing! The Sampler Edition of Bounce, Roll, & Fly! The Science of Balls contains graphs from 24 sports balls as they demonstrate trnaslational and rotational motion, coordinated with a set of three YouTube videos

The balls, in alphabetical order, include: baseball (official, safety, plastic), basketball, cricket ball, dodge ball, football (American), golf ball (official, foam, plastic), hackeysack, hockey (field, low density street, high density street), kickball, lacrosse ball, ping pong (table tennis), racquetball, rugby ball, soccer, softball, tennis ball, toy ball, and volleyball. Graphs show the balls as they bounce on a concrete floor in 1-dimensional motion, roll down an incline and across a concrete floor in 2-dimensional motion, and fly off a wood incline and bounce across the concrete floor in 2-dimensional projectile motion. The graphs can be used for classes in physical science, physics, and physical education.

The following graph is excerpted from the Sampler Edition:

Discussion Questions
  1. How many times does the ball bounce?
  2. From what height is the ball dropped? 
  3. Does the ball bounce up and down in a straight line? Does it drift to one side? Does it roll to the side?
  4. Describe the motion of the ball in words. 
  5. Redraw the graph with a new axis, with 0 at the bottom of the graph.
  6. Why does the ball not bounce back to the same height?
  7. What is the maximum energy of the ball? What happens to the energy of the ball as it falls and bounces?
  8. Write one or more equations to describe the motion of the ball.
  9. Would a regular baseball bounce more or less times than the safety baseball? Higher or lower? Why?
  10. Would a plastic baseball bounce more or less times than the safety baseball? Higher or lower? Why?

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