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Sunday, March 8, 2015

New Books on the Science of Toys!

The science and math of toys are topics of new books from Schottenbauer Publishing. Presenting data from real experiments collected by the science writer and publisher M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D., these books bring the "high tech" end of play to audiences everywhere!

In these books, students can enjoy learning about the physics of favorite toys for youth and children, including blocks, dominoes, marbles, balls, and more! Several series of science books feature graphs and data, illustrating common mathematical functions, plus a variety of concepts from physics. The science books can be integrated into classes such as math, physical science, physics, and physical education, anywhere from 7th grade through high school, as well as some introductory college and university classes. 

Books include the following:

  • Sports
    • Balls, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Hockey, Ballet & more!
  • Transportation Toys
    • Toy Cars, Trains, Boats, Planes, & more!
  • Construction Toys
    • Balsa Wood Construction & more!
  • Music Toys
    • Recorders, Band & Orchestra, Guitar, & more!
  • Entertainment Toys
    • Toys, Blocks, Dominoes, Marbles, & more!
  • General Physics Toys
    • Marbles, Spinning Tops, & more!
    • Electric Sets, Magnets, & more!

Anthologies of 28 Graphs
  • The Science of Play
  • The Science of Ball Sports

The same publisher offers similar books on additional popular topics, including sports, transportation, construction, environment, music, entertainment, and general physics. All of these book series are available in several formats and languages, including the following:

Geometry Workbooks

  • Print & E-Book Editions
  • Available in English & German
  • Olympics Books Available in 15 Languages
  • Ballet Book Available in 3 Languages (English, German, & Chinese)
Graphs & Data for Science Lab: Multi-Volume Series
  • Print Editions
  • Available in English & German
Anthologies of 28 Graphs
  • Print Editions
  • English Only

Unbeatable Specials

With Kindle Unlimited ($9.99/month) at, you can read all e-books from Schottenbauer Publishing for no extra charge! Amazon offers Free 30 Day Trials of Kindle Unlimited. With this deal, trial members can read all Schottenbauer Publishing e-books free! This includes all the geometry workbooks, plus "The World in a Graph," "Alphabets of the World," textbooks on the science of music, all the e-book puzzles, and the educational novels by M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D.